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College in Brazil

By Vanessa Warkentin - USA in 17/01/2014

My name is Vanessa and I am 24 years old. I was in Sao Luís (MA), Brazil, about 5 years ago now. I studied Business Administration at a local College.

It was an amazing experience! It was completely different than that of when I went when I was 16. The life between that of a 16 year old and that of a university student is different. And I think that goes to say with any place that you are in.

The people there were, as always, very kind and open and friendly. I was welcomed, as before, with "beijos e abraços" or hugs and kisses! Arms were open and greeting me with the warm friendliness that all Brazilians have.

Studying at ahigher level was different. People were really willing to help and professors were wanting to learn. In fact, it was a little funny to me as people did not realize that I spoke Portuguese and when I came in they were almost shocked that I could speak. But still, like before people want to speak and practice English with me.

I say that someday I am going to go back and I know that I will. I want to take my kids and I talk about it all the time. I love that country. I love the people and the experience that has changed my life both times that I went. I always say that Brasil is my other home.

"Saudade a gente tem é dos pedaços de nós que ficam pelo caminho" - Martha Medeiros!

  I love the experience that has changed my life